October 2006
Greetings from National Leadership Institute!
Dear friends, here it’s time for me to update you about what has been going on at NLI during the past month. May this periodical story about God’s lively presence among a group of young Armenians under the spiritual leadership of an Armenian missionary couple – Dr. and Mrs. Malakyan, be an expression of our thankfulness to you for your prayers and different kinds of support that you have provided throughout these years! I am happy to tell you that CLI/NLI renewed Web site (www.clinternational.org) that I talked about in my previous update, is already available in the World Wide Web! I invite you to visit it in order to see a complete framework of NLI’s ministry and, why not, to enjoy its interesting design. If you remember, this Fall NLI Praise Studio had started the second Alpha Course for Artists. They held a "Holy Spirit Weekend" at a resort at beautiful Tsaghkadzor on October 14-15. Again, this weekend turned to be the heart of the course, when participants experienced a sensible presence of the Holy Spirit, came up to Christ with tears of repentance, and rejoiced the priceless gift of redemption for the first time in their lives. The course finished at the end of October. PStudio team gifted a Bible to each of the participants. Holding and reading the Bible was another new experience for some of them. Afterwards the participants were invited to attend the "Following Jesus" discipleship course, which will start in November, again run by PStudio team. As PStudio team came up with the initiative of designing such a course, Dr. Petros and Anahit Malakyan, as well as NLI Academic Director, Hasmik Hakobyan translated and edited "Following Jesus" handbook by G. Krallmann and "Thriving as an Artist" book by Rory Noland for them to use. Dr. Petros and Anahit Malakyan left for the United States on October 27, and will be back to Armenia in a month. NLI community, especially Christ-like Leadership Development (CLLD) class, and students attending "Club 40" (lead mainly by Dr. Malakyan) and "Social Discussions" (lead by Mrs. Malakyan) miss their presence here very much. Now I, Naira Ajamyan, teach a course on "Christian Stewardship" to CLLD students, which is a great privilege for me, and I am deeply thankful to Dr. Malakyan for trusting me such a serious mission and sharing the materials of a similar course that he had designed a couple of years ago. Please join us in prayer for Dr. and Mrs. Malakyans’ safety during this journey. May the Lord prepare everything on their way according to His Will! A good friend of Dr. Malakyan and NLI, Mrs. Isobel Manook from London came to Armenia in October with a group of Christians from England. Most of these people were at least partially Armenians, but visiting Armenia for the first time. Isobel organized a dinner/fellowship evening at her home in Yerevan for this group and some Christians she knew in Yerevan, including NLI. Everybody was blessed with the sincere communication environment, but Isobel’s testimony was especially touching. She told that her husband, Mr. Paul Manook was originally planning to travel to Armenia with her, but could not, due to a serious health problem that their son had. They asked their friends to pray for their son, and now he feels much better. So, Paul made his plans to come to Armenia at the end of October. They thank everybody for prayers, and especially the almighty God for His mercy… I would like to finish my letter with a passage from a soldier’s letter addressed to NLI community. This soldier is Arshak Hakobyan, who used to volunteer in different NLI ministries (Sunday school, Youth program, library) while studying at the Faculty of Theology, and than was recruited to serve in Armenian Military Forces for two years, as every young Armenian male citizen. Becoming a part of NLI, Arshak experienced significant spiritual growth, and got baptized just a few days before going to the Army. Now he writes to us: "… My dear, dear friends, you are free… Please spend your time only for God and helpful things, for Jesus Christ, read the Bible as much as you can, serve God, which I long but I can’t do. But the only thing I can do here is to PRAY… Every day I meet hundreds of temptations, and every day I grow up hundreds of times…" Please pray for Arshak and thousands of other young men like him in the Army… Most of them are not as fortunate as Arshak to know Jesus Christ and pray in His name while meeting "hundreds of temptations every day"… Yours in Christ, Naira.

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