September 2006
Greetings from National Leadership Institute!
Dear friends, Telling you about the ministries of National Leadership Institute (NLI) periodically is a special blessing for me, since it gives me an opportunity to summarize all the interesting and significant events that have been going on around me. Being in the midst of it all the time, I sometimes lose the sight of value they altogether may have as an input in God’s Kingdom. Again and again, my heart is filled with thankfulness toward all of you who encourage us in this ministry, pray for us, make material contributions, or simply read our updates and praise the Lord for His mighty presence among us! We continue to pray for all our partners and friends! Although the month of August was a vacation period for NLI office, and all our periodical activities were temporarily interrupted, we had a number of one-time events instead. As I had mentioned last time, Dr. Malakyan did not leave the Christ-Like Leadership Development (CLLD) students “forget” about the Bible during their vacation. He organized two New Testament reading pilgrimages with them, one to medieval Haghpat monastery, and the second – to fourth century Davivank monastery in Karabakh. This was significant for the students with the new experience of reading the Scripture all day in all possible ways – sitting, standing, walking around the monastery building, on their knees etc… Dr. Malakyan also presented a topic on the role of personal freedom in the individual leader’s life. We praise God for blessing our little organization with a rich and diverse “faculty” of visitors who come from different parts of the world and share their knowledge and experience with our CLLD class. Lately we hosted Al and Caroline Akimoff from Portland Origon (YWAM) who spoke about Christ-like leadership. Than at the end of September Dr. Suzan Shcultz, Dr. Howard Frost, and James Vorth from Washington D.C. taught a course on Excel and Power Point to CLLD students. Also, there was a course on the Bible principles for making ethical decisions. Sunday Schools in four villages of Aragatsotn Diocese were also in vacation until half of September. In August, more than 100 Sunday school kids from those four villages had an opportunity to participate in a three-day summer camp organized by Sunday school ministry team. Along with games, walks, and fellowship, they discussed the issue “How to serve in the Church”. Praise Studio (PStudio) members videotaped the interesting events at the camp, and later Hayk Babayan, a CLLD student and PStudio member, prepared a short but very interesting film about the camp. Our special thanks to NLI friends from St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church and “Havad” foundation in Washington D.C., who provided the funds necessary to organize this wonderful event for Sunday school children. In September 1-3 Sunday school, PStudio and Alpha teams had a retreat-training for Sunday school teachers and Alpha leaders and helpers in Moughni village. Now Sunday school has restarted, and the team has started also an “Alpha Program for Youth” for teenagers in the same communities. Our prayer and hope is that participants of “Alpha” later engage in ministry in the Church and Sunday school, and eventually become Christian leaders in their own communities. It has already become usual for Praise Studio to be the most active and busy part of NLI community. As you may remember, the target group of PStudio ministry is young non-Christian and/or non-Church attending artists and art students in Armenia. In spring-summer 2006 PStudio used “Alpha for Artists” as and evangelization tool, and than provided weekly Bible studies and engagement in ministries for those who finished Alpha. The outcome – changed lives of young artists and enlargement of PStudio community turned to be wonderful! New “Alpha for Artists” started in September. This time they invited the candidates for participation in the “new Alpha” to the final party of the “old Alpha”, and it turned to be an effective start for the newcomers. Those who were finishing shared their testimonies, which was very touching and inspiring. May the Lord bless PStudio team’s devotion and grow the seeds they plant in these young people’s hearts! Cooperation between YWAM and NLI is developing dynamically. Armine Khachatryan, one of PStudio members, joined YWAM Discipleship Training School started this fall in Armenia. Armine is the third NLI CLLD graduate to take DTS with YWAM. With the invitation of YWAM leader Steve Ryan, Iveta Kosyan, PStudio founder and leader, participated in YWAM Staff Conference of Eastern Europe in Kiev, Ukraine. The main purpose of Iveta’s travel was to discuss possible cooperation with YWAM in the area of Arts and Christianity by organizing a Discipleship Training School (DTS) for Artists. Later another group of YWAM leaders visited NLI and alongside with DTS, they talked about YWAM partnership with NLI in establishing PS Café in Yerevan. Please pray that the Holy Spirit leads all the correspondence going on now between NLI and YWAM for serving the Body of Christ in the best possible way. A highlight of August events at NLI was the visit of two young YWAM leaders – Brenda Sheat and Andrea Neeve from New Zealand. They came to Armenia for a week in the midst of their journey from New Zealand to Turkey and Great Britain. These young women had recently discovered something in common between the murders of New Zealand soldiers in 1915 in Turkey and the Genocide of Armenians executed by Turkish Government in the same year. They made a dangerous travel to Turkey with the intention to visit the historical Armenian cities and recorded materials for preparing a film about their impressions. We as Armenians were jealous to learn that they had been in Van and Ani, which both have been capitals of Armenia in the middle centuries (while Yerevan was a little unknown town). Brenda and Andrea had found out that there is a monument honoring the memory of New Zealand and Australian victims of 1915 in Turkey, while the Armenian Genocide is being denied and hidden by the Turkish State for almost a century. Hayk Babayan, our talented filmmaker, did the computer work of making a film out of the materials that Brenda and Andrea had recorded in Turkey. They took this film and their own conclusions to share with people wherever they get a chance to speak about the Armenian Genocide, - to challenge Turks in justice and Armenians in reconciliation. If you intend to visit CLI/NLI web site ( mentioned at the end of each update you get from me, I would ask you to wait until the end of October. Or, if you choose not to wait, please review it at the end of October, because you will see something totally different than! With the generous gift of our friends Dr. Howard Frost and James Vorth (mentioned above) we were able to redesign our web site. It will be available for visiting in about half a month. Now the site is richer with information about NLI ministries, it has a large photo gallery, and it is simply pleasant to look through due to Iveta Kosyan’s unique design and Tigran Apikyan’s high standard programming. Yours in Christ, Naira.

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