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Christian Resource
Center includes:

NLI Library, which includes both standard and electronic libraries, has more than 1,700 books for study and research. These books, which are in English, Armenian, and few in Russian, fall in the following subject categories: Christianity, History, Culture, Theology, Sociology, Fiction, and Reference books: Dictionaries, Commenta­ries, and Encyclopedias.

 Computer Lab
 Translation Team

Computer Lab
A small computer lab is organized to help the students in their studies, training, and research. The following programs are available for students to develop their computer skills: Word, Excel, Power point, Access, Art design, and Publishing design. The lab has Internet access for research and distance learning. NLI has an agreement with Great Europe Mission (GEM) and Moody Bible Institute (MBI), to offer distant learning courses in English and Russian, such as Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey.
Currently the NLI Resource Center consists of a conference room (which serves also as a classroom for the two-year Christ-like Leadership Development (CLLD) training program).
Translation Team
NLI has been officially recognized to be the translator and publisher of Alpha Course materials in Armenia by ALPHA International, London, England. Currently, Anahit Malakyan, D.Lit., is the translation team leader, who also coordinates other translations. The following books have been translated by NLI translation team, ready for publication:
In the Name of Jesus: Reflection on Christian Leadership, by Henry J.M. Nouwen (Crossroad: New York, 1995)
Home Grown Leaders, by Edgar J. Elliston (William Cary Library: Pasadena, CA, 1992)
Why Jesus?, by Nicky Gumbel (Kingsway Communications: England, 2005)
Alpha Manual, by Nicky Gumbel (HTB Publications: London, 2001)
The Alpha Course: Leaders’ Training Manual, by Alpha International (HTB Publications: London, 2003)
Books in translation process:
How To Run the Alpha Course, by Nicky Gumbel (Kingsway Communications: England, 2004)
Alpha Questions of Life, by Nicky Gumbel (Kingsway Communications: England, 2004)
Leading with Jesus: A Handbook on Qualifications for Spiritual Leadership, by Günter Krallmann (OM Publishing: Cumbria, UK, 1998)
Following Jesus: A Handbook on Basic Discipleship, by Günter Krallmann (Jensco Ltd: Hong Kong, 1994)
Thriving as an Artist in the Church, by Rory Roland (Zondervan: Grand Rapids, MI, 2004)

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