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Prayer Corner
NLI's vision is to become an international training center for Christian leadership and development in Armenia for the region called Euro-Asia. For this purpose, NLI needs a permanent place with its training and conference facilities. Please pray with us for the realization of our vision toward world evangelization.
NLI trainees are more than 30 young adults coming from various professions of life. Please pray for them to become catalysts for the renewal of the Armenian Apostolic Church and for spiritual awakening of the Armenians in Armenia and abroad.
There are more than 60 thousand university students living and studying in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. One of Praise Studio's vision projects is to have a non-smoking café in downtown Yerevan for Christian outreach through Arts. The project costs nearly 217 thousand US dollars. Nearly five thousand dollars have already been donated. Please pray for the remaining US $ 212,000.00.
Dozens of university students and young adults in Armenia are coming to Christ and are awakened to their Christian faith through the Alpha Course. Please pray for our leaders, helpers, and speakers to be inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit to lead the following Alpha Courses in the fall of 2006:
1. Alpha for Young Adults (Yerevan)
2. Alpha for Artists (Yerevan)
3. Student Alpha (Gyumri)
4. Youth Alpha (Saghmosavan, Ohanavan, Karbi & Mughni villages) *NEW*
5. Alpha for disabled (Yerevan) *NEW*
Also please pray for our material needs to be able to cover the cost of the above courses.
We thank you for your love, support, and prayers.
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