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CLLD students engage in Christian community development in the context of the Armenian Apostolic (Orthodox) Church, the national church, in Armenia. As a part of their three-year leadership training, students take an active part in parish life and/or organize Christian communities around already existing ancient churches. They help the local priest in the liturgy and ministry by serving on the alter and singing in the choir. CLLD students also organize and teach Sunday-schools, youth programs, and adult Bible studies. By taking an active role in the above ministries, students are developing themselves as lay leaders toward spiritual awakening and church renewal.

Youth Ministries

NLI has expanded its sphere of ministry activities. Saghmosavan, Artashavan, Ohanavan, Karbi and Mughni have youth programs for teenagers (12-18 years of age), led by NLI students and volunteers. The objective of these programs is to present Christ to teenagers in culturally relevant ways as a first step toward full integration into the life of the Church, and to instill a deep appreciation for Armenia's rich Christian heritage. In addition to Biblical lessons about relevant topics, these programs include games, art, drama, English lessons, and a variety of sports.

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