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NLI initiates various academic and practical training programs by using the following informal, non-formal, and formal learning, training, and education methods:

  1. Informal Learning (mentoring, modeling, coaching, retreats, pilgrimages) for university students and young adults.
  2. Nonformal Training (seminars, workshops, conferences and intensive courses) for selected young adults: "12 Disciples."
  3. Formal Education is offered (MA, doctoral programs) for 1 or 2 outstanding NLI graduates in other academic institutions.
Informal Learning

Informal learning (one-on-one or group learning via mentoring or coaching), was once the most effective model in Armenia, but today it is rarely seen among Christians in Armenia. It is difficult to find a church where leaders have demonstrated a real concern for the emergence and growth of new leaders. By sharing God-given resources to empower others, we are using Jesus' approach of equipping and training his disciples for ministry. The history of the Armenian Church has shown that mentors and teachers have produced great church leaders who have left an invaluable Christian heritage. Informal learning through mentoring or coaching is also the least expensive method in equipping Christian leaders toward development.
We enable Informal learning by:
1. Identifying individuals who have a vision and a passion for ministry.
2. Selecting men and women for discipleship, much like Jesus, we teach the
Bible and help them to see God's plan in their lives.
3. Helping the selected disciples discover their calling and giftedness.
4. Providing spiritual resources for furthering the growth of the disciples.
5. Coaching through modeling and setting a personal example.
6. Mentoring and being available for advice and counsel.
7. Creating ministry opportunities for disciples and acting as an advocate on
their behalf.

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